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Animating conservation with Giuseppe Forestieri

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In today’s complex world, where issues related to the environment and science are becoming increasingly urgent, effective communication is key to fostering understanding and driving positive change. Giuseppe Forestieri (pronouns: he/him) is a visual storyteller and creative director with a focus on animation at Motion Aptitude, a creative studio that creates environmental educational and science communication content. Giuseppe is at the forefront of this communication revolution. In this interview, Giuseppe shares his journey, insights, and the transformative power of animation in bridging the gap between scientific research and public engagement and awareness around challenges facing environmental conservation.

Animating conservation with Giuseppe Forestieri | #itsawildlife


Giuseppe’s journey began with a realization: despite having a successful career in visual communication, something was missing. Giuseppe explains –

“I have a background in visual communication and over the years, I struggled to find my own voice as a designer. Even though I had a good job, I felt that something was kind of missing…”

Drawing from his deep-rooted passion for nature, cultivated during his upbringing in the Sicilian countryside, Giuseppe founded Motion Aptitude in 2018. Giuseppe continues –

“And then over the years, I thought, why don’t I combine my passion for nature with my skills and ability to communicate through visuals?”

His goal? To combine his creative skills with his love for the environment, and to make complex topics accessible to audiences of all backgrounds.


At the heart of Motion Aptitude’s mission lies the power of visual storytelling. Giuseppe identified a crucial gap between scientific research and public comprehension. He shares –

“I noticed there was a gap between the scientific world and the community because the science is very much connected with the environment with lots of studies and conservation programs.”

“So, I identified a communication problem, and offered a solution – a way of bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public. With a good story and a way to bring the science to life, we can find a way to make the content more digestible for everyone to understand.”

While data-driven reports abound, the challenge lies in making this information digestible and engaging for non-experts. By weaving stories around data, Motion Aptitude transforms abstract concepts into vivid narratives that resonate with audiences.


One size does not fit all in the world of environmental communication. Giuseppe emphasizes the importance of tailoring content to specific audiences. Whether educating children about animal welfare or informing policymakers about nature-based solutions, each message is crafted with precision. By understanding the target audience and leveraging visual elements, Motion Aptitude uses language, colour, appeal and other techniques to ensure maximum impact and engagement for their target audience. As Giuseppe says –

“It’s always about understanding the target audience because your audience is never everyone!”


Empathy serves as the cornerstone of effective communication. Giuseppe encourages individuals to cultivate empathy by understanding diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Inclusivity, he emphasizes, extends beyond mere rhetoric—it requires active listening, open dialogue, and a genuine commitment to embracing different voices and ideas.


For Giuseppe, creativity knows no bounds. He begins each day with meditation, allowing his mind to clear and creativity to flourish. Continuous learning is a driving force behind Motion Aptitude’s success. By staying curious and connecting with experts across disciplines, Giuseppe ensures that his work remains innovative and impactful. He says –

“I dedicate about 20 minutes every day to writing freely, without any boundaries. And then I also like to spend half an hour every day on social media, connecting with other experts in the field and trying to learn and absorb from others.”


Giuseppe’s advice for aspiring conservationists is clear: identify specific challenges within the conservation space and leverage your skills to drive solutions. For Giuseppe, a huge part of this process is building experience and connections within the environmental space. Volunteering, he emphasizes, offers a valuable opportunity to make a tangible difference while honing your expertise. He says –

“Be present there and see how you can help the organization with your expertise.”

By uniting creativity, empathy, and a passion for environmental stewardship, we can create a brighter future for our planet. In conclusion, Giuseppe’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of animation in environmental communication. Through visual storytelling, tailored messaging, and a commitment to empathy and inclusivity, Motion Aptitude is revolutionizing how we engage with environmental issues. Join the movement today and be part of the solution.


Want to hear more from Giuseppe? Tune into the podcast or follow his adventures on social media. You can connect on Linked In, Instagram @motionaptitude or his website. What do you think? why not let us know or follow along for the adventure!

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