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Funding opportunities in ecology: Durrell Conservation Academy

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As part of my mission to understand ways to generate funding for ecological work and research – I have begun writing for a non-profit Such a cool idea, effectively functions as a search engine for users who can look for relevant funding opportunities worldwide in the environmental space.

It can help you discover the various funding opportunities available to you – as well as the steps you need to take to get it in the bag!

The full article on their site can be read here. It introduces the Durrell Conservation Academy, a pillar of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, an international wildlife conservation-focussed non-profit organisation, founded by Gerald Durrell in 1959. Based at Jersey Zoo in the Channel Islands, UK, the organisation works to mitigate the extinction of species through research, education and hands-on conservation work the following four programs:

  • Jersey Zoo through the care and breeding of threatened species
  • Rewilding natural sites through the reintroduction of lost species and local community support
  • Field-based science program to guide science program and evaluate the effectiveness
  • Conservation training through Durrell Conservation Academy

The Durrell Conservation Academy offers two main training and professional development scholarships. These are usually for early-career conservationists looking to attend their signature course, Graduate Certificate in Endangered Species Management as well as the associated Professional Development Program for conservation managers:

  • The Carl Jones Scholarship for candidates from Durrell’s priority regions or involved in field conservation work for Durrell’s priority species or ecosystems (see below in Who can apply for a list of these), and,
  • The Alison Jolly Madagascar Scholarship for candidates from Madagascar

For more information on when and how to apply, check out the blog post here.

Funding opportunities in ecology: Durrell Conservation Academy | #itsawildlife


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