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Funding opportunities in ecology: Paddy Pallin Foundation

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As part of my mission to understand ways to generate funding for ecological work and research – I have begun writing for a non-profit Such a cool idea, effectively functions as a search engine for users who can look for relevant funding opportunities worldwide in the environmental space.

It can help you discover the various funding opportunities available to you – as well as the steps you need to take to get it in the bag!

The full article published on their site can be read here. It introduces the Paddy Pallin Foundation, a funding opportunity created by the family behind the outdoor store chain Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd with the aim of contributing to protecting the precious outdoors environment for future generations to come. Established in 2007, the Foundation offers annual science grants to provide financial support for conservation-based research of Australian wildlife and their habitats.

The Foundation has already funded projects to conserve some of Australia’s most threatened species and ecosystems including the Spot-tailed Quoll, the Orange-bellied Parrot and Mountain Pygmy-possum. Grants are offered for research into both flora and fauna in both marine and terrestrial environments.

For more information on when and how to apply, check out the blog post here.

Funding opportunities in ecology: Paddy Pallin Foundation | #itsawildlife


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