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How to get clear on your dream job with wildlife

Here are 3 steps you can take today (and anytime you feel stuck or not in alignment with your best and wildest life!) to find clarity and insight around where you’re headed and attract your dream job. For me, this has and always will be the most important first step to take to land your dream job with wildlife.

Although this may not feel like the most logical first step towards receiving your dream job in wildlife conservation, take it from someone who learnt the hard way – this is an absolutely crucial in helping you get specific and attract the opportunity that is perfect for you.

How to get clear on your dream job with wildlife | #itsawildlife

Why is getting clear such an important first step?

Not just in the wildlife space, but for anything in career (and in life!), finding clarity and insight around what you want can be an incredibly helpful first step for attracting it to you.

Why? Two reasons.

If you don’t know where you’re headed, how will you know you’ve arrived?

2 Many jobs with wildlife don’t tend to have a defined pathway.

While that can make things frustrating and challenging to navigate at times – it also hands the power back to you. Because there are no rigid requirements that bind the industry, this gives you the freedom to tune into what you want and make choices that align with whatever you want most in that moment.

I’m a huge advocate for cherry picking the bits that you are passionate about or fascinated by, and leaving behind those you don’t resonate with or don’t feel attracted to. In this way, you are free to build and create a career you feel most connected with which matches your unique set of passions and strengths.

Get clear to attract your dream job with wildlife

Here are 3 steps you can take to get clear and attract your dream job with wildlife.

  • Reflect and journal

Find a quiet space where you can sit with yourself and your thoughts for 10-15 minutes. Visualize in your mind what your dream job looks like for you – try to be as specific as possible but don’t get bogged down if you don’t have all the answers. Describe what you see in a journal – noting down all details that feel important.

Try to visualize yourself as a competent, confident professional in your field.

Ask yourself questions like – What is your job? Where do you work? Do you have a specialty? What does your life look like outside of work? What is your routine? How does it feel to be in this role?

Remember there are no wrong answers. This is your dream.

And it doesn’t have to be your forever job  – you can use this method for attracting the next step of your career – be it a contract, an internship, a wild experience, whatever you’re looking for next.

  • Tell yourself “it’s mine”

Although, it may sound silly – this is incredibly powerful – and must be experienced to believe.

Using your visualization – and even some affirmations, feel the feelings of what it will be like to turn the description you have written into your reality.

  • See how close you are already!

Now it’s time to get stuck in. Think about the job title of what you’ve written down and have a look through environmental job boards online to look at the required or desirable skills and experiences listed for these types of roles.

If you can’t come up with a name, think yourself about what your ideal day-in-the-life would look like – and what you would be doing. List the skillset of your ideal job in your journal. 

Now, think about your own skillset and match it to your ideal job advertisement. You can tick off what you already have and make a to do list of experiences you can focus on next.

Clarity isn’t a contract

Do you feel as if you’re shutting yourself off from opportunities when you get too specific about what you want?

Although this may be a fear that comes up when you sit down for this activity to journal and find clarity on your next steps, the short answer is absolutely not!

While I’m a huge advocate for getting really clear on exactly what you want in order to turn it into a reality, you’re not locked into anything – you can change your mind anytime! And that is the power that you hold to create your own wild life!

Countless examples of clarity

The reason I’m such a passionate advocate of clarity for reality – is because it works! Check out our videos on Instagram @itisawildlife and TikTok @itisawildlife for countless examples of this from my life!


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