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How to finetune into nature with Chiara Bono

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Chiara Bono (pronouns: she/her) is an Italian biologist and nature blogger focused on ethology (animal behaviour) who is passionate about nature connection. Chiara shares her process for taking time to connect with nature as well as the experiences that are available to each and every one of us when we take the time to slow down, appreciate the world around us and tune into our emotions – the way we feel when we are in nature. Chiara also speaks about her blog – and the importance of promoting sustainability as something that is simple, accessible and attainable.

How to finetune into nature with Chiara Bono | #itsawildlife


While Chiara had always felt drawn to nature, studying biology allowed her to explore her passion and specialize in animal behavior. This inspired her to shift her perspective of life and become fascinated by communication. And recently, she started her blog to share her love and empathy for the planet and its creatures. She explains –

“I love understanding how creatures, (animals, plants, humans) communicate with each other and to share this, I started my blog… I wanted people to see how beautiful and connected our world is. Simply this, it’s nothing complicated.”

Chiara also studied natural medicine and learnt about how plants communicate with our bodies. She became even more fascinated by the communication and rationale behind decisions made in the natural world.

“I think we see things, but usually we don’t really understand. This is what drew me in.”


Chiara believes that nature is not just where we live, but part of what we are. Although often we are disconnected from nature through our modern lifestyles and the mainstream media often leads us to feel like the problem for the planet, Chiara shares some important steps for reconnecting with nature on a regular basis:

“I think the first thing is to be in nature, walk or spend time with a pet, it’s a simple thing but it’s the beginning because if you start to understand how you feel when you are in the nature or with some animals, you start to see the beauty.”

And while the first step is really getting out into nature, the second step is choosing your experience – focusing on the feelings, appreciating the beauty, noticing the details. You can choose to immerse yourself within the natural world by engaging your sensations even when on a 20-minte walk – and shift your relationship with the natural world.

“For me, it happens so often because I live close to a forest. So it’s very easy for me to go outside and just enjoy nature. But even if you’re less interested in nature, I think you can still focus on the feeling – and that awareness is the beginning.”

And when you choose to focus on the world around you, then, you can choose the emotions you attach to the experience. Chiara shares –

“Tuning with nature is just another sort of chemical communication so good for our wellbeing and also important for promoting conservation worldwide. I think it’s something that comes naturally, a process that, when we allow it, just flows!”


Chiara aims to inspire bloggers to be authentic and share their passion and message with the world. She has found that blogging is a way of expressing oneself and connecting with others who share the same interests and values.

“I’m just trying to keep it simple, genuine. We don’t need to be perfect to be sustainable and protect the planet and all these wrong beliefs we have around sustainability make it expensive, complicated, or unachievable. So, I just tried to share this. Nature is beautiful, but simple.”

“Nature is for everyone and for everything – it’s where we live and the inspiration or venue for most of our work and interests. To connect more with nature, watch a sunset or sunrise!”

“Sustainability is a big word, but it’s very simple: being aware of what you have or where you are and making choices that make sense actually. It’s just logical to follow what nature says. Tune into nature and live with nature. It’s not really something to be scared of or to keep outside!

Chiara suggests that aspiring nature bloggers should stay curious and open-minded, and learn from different sources and perspectives. She encourages bloggers to have fun and enjoy the process of creating and sharing content from their own experiences with nature.


Want to hear more from Chiara? Tune into the podcast or follow her on Instagram @bkikiworld_eco or at her blog. What do you think? why not let us know or follow along for the adventure!

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