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welcome to #itsawildlife

Hello and welcome to #itsawildlife – a passion project of mine that has become a platform for wildlifers (anyone passionate about wildlife or pursuing a career in this space) at all stages of the journey.

Our mission is to provide field-tested support in starting and sustaining your career with wildlife.

We are so grateful you’re here. You can find out more about #itsawildlife here – or meet the team behind it here. You are welcome to browse the archive of the blog for stories by wildlifers of their experiences (so relatable!) and kickass career advice.

welcome to #itsawildlife | #itsawildlife

When I left school, I didn’t know careers with wildlife were an option – let alone connected that as something I could be interested in. Although I didn’t do much research around careers at that stage of my life, this industry is also very new and for this reason there are serious growing pains that wildlifers wrangle with every day. For example, there is –

  • No clear career path for people interested in working with wildlife
  • No consistency between names, pay, jobs in various environmental streams, and
  • No expectation of pay early on, creating a privileged space with lower equality of access and diversity of ideas and participants.

But here at #itsawildlife, we’re here to support one another on this journey and discuss industry-wide issues like these to reduce gatekeeping, imposter syndrome and burnout and promote equality of access, diversity of participation and conservation of global biodiversity.

What does this look like?

We have a blog out each Tue and a pod each Fri – and plenty of content on Instagram @itisawildlife and TikTok @itisawildlife – where you can hear from people at all different stages of their career journeys with wildlife who are open to sharing their experiences and advice.

And if I can do it – so can you! You can land your dream job with wildlife and follow your passion to create a career you love. You can also pivot, shift and change your mind as many times as you like to follow a pathway that aligns with your passions and strengths.

So, whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been about the traps for a while, welcome to #itsawildlife! I’m so grateful you’re here.

After all, it is a wild life!


What do you think? why not let us know or follow along for the adventure!

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