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welcome to #itsawildlife

how YOU can work your dream job in wildlife conservation | #itsawildlife

Hello and welcome to #itsawildlife, a blog dedicated to helping young ecologists transform their dream of working in wildlife conservation into a reality. Are you an aspiring zoologist? marine biologist? field ecologist? wildlife biologist? I’m here to tell you that you CAN be paid to do any or all of these jobs and work with wildlife – all it takes is some self belief, persistence and if you can take on a couple of my hints, that’ll help too!

So why should you read on…? Or take on the tips I provide in this blog? because I was once a nature baby, just like you, on a mission to save the planet and be paid to work with animals but I had NO IDEA where to start. I was so lucky to meet people who inspired me and helped me to ultimately receive paid work as a field ecologist. But not without a lot of trial and error along the way…

Since then, I have been flown around in helicopters, handled endangered species, assisted on animal translocations, led teams of volunteers to survey biodiversity, banded birds and many other incredible experiences – and I am here to help YOU do exactly this – and more – with #itsawildlife!

This blog aims to provide two weekly posts with:

  • great ideas on how YOU can move towards a career in conservation,
  • info on some amazing wildlife projects and the superstars behind them,
  • wild animals and wild places you should put on your bucket list,

and much, much more.

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how to work your dream job in wildlife conservation | #itsawildlife

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