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When people talk you out of your wildest dreams…

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Today’s post is a quickie but a goodie. A while back I stumbled across this quote and just had to share:

Bees don’t waste their time explaining to flies why honey is better than shit.

Remember that next time someone is trying to talk you out of your dreams

When people talk you out of your wildest dreams… | #itsawildlife

What a powerful reminder to chase your biggest dreams and take life at your pace. Especially in underfunded, competitive industries like ecology and wildlife conservation I know there are plenty of risks that people advise you not to take. Perhaps they don’t want to see you get hurt or perhaps they don’t believe it’s possible – or that you have what it takes…

Regardless of their intentions, it’s not their decision to influence.

Your dreams are yours.

You have your reasons (or maybe you’re not sure why you’re pulled in a certain direction)

Either way, it’s not your responsibility to justify the merits of why you want what you want.

For example, people used to warn me not to make the jump to start studying ecology, saying: “you’ll be volunteering your whole life”, “you’ll be walked all over”, “you’ll struggle to find a job”. But like so many others, I am living breathing proof that it’s possible!

Those scare-mongering stories can create limiting beliefs and fear that holds you back from going for gold. Even the best-meaning people can do a lot of damage by intervening in your dreams and influencing your decision-making process.

After all, When there’s a will there’s a way.

When confronted by this, it’s important to stay true to yourself and remember your why. For example: “I’ll try at least”, “at least I’ll be doing what I love”, “I don’t know that yet”.

Everyone’s journey is different and if you take the time to explore what you want, you’ll never regret your decisions. There are no mistakes – only wins and only lessons.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do everything you wanted and more…


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