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Where to find work with wildlife: job boards

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Ok, so you’ve found your calling and decided to follow your passion and work with wildlife!

Great! Now what?

Well, once you’ve gotten clear on what kind of job you’d actually like to do (there are so many different roles and ways to work with wildlife!), it’s time to start job hunting.

Here are some great places to start:

Where to find work with wildlife: job boards | #itsawildlife


NRMjobs: In Australia, this is your go-to job board for paid positions, internships, conferences and even some workshops and online events. You can sign up to receive free weekly bulletins straight to your inbox.

Ethical Job Board: Another great job board which advertises environmental positions in Australia. You can filter by environmental and sustainability or eco-tourism as well as by location within Australia if this is an important factor for you.

NZ Conservation Jobs: And just to the right of Australia, NZ Conservation Jobs collates all relevant jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities within this field. And just like NRMjobs, you can subscribe for free weekly updates sent to your inbox.


Texas A&M Job Board: A go-to job board for work with wildlife in America.

Ornithology Exchange: Managed by the Ornithological Council, this is a go-to job board for bird-related work in the US, Canada and even central/south America. You can filter by short-term positions, academic, non-academic and graduate positions as well as volunteer opportunities.

The Wildlife Society Career Centre: A broad range of jobs within the USA, you can filter by state or distance from a location. Some jobs in central and south America are also advertised here. The Wildlife Society also offer a free CV review service when you upload your resume.

American Society of Mammologists: A great list of programs, employers and job boards that advertise summer and seasonal positions, internships and post-doctoral positions focused around wildlife. There are also links to US state agencies, non-profits and professional societies that offer work with wildlife.

USA Jobs: A job board for positions in American state and federal government department such as Fish and Wildlife service.

Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers: A great resource advertising paid positions and internships available in the USA with a focus on promoting diversity and equality of access to conservation. This platform also provide resources to assist with your job search and information to explain some careers in conservation.

Eco Jobs: Post a wide range of jobs including in categories including natural resource and conservation jobs, environmental education, environmental advocacy and communication, environmental law and policy and outdoor jobs! They also have an internship category.


Conservation Jobs UK: This site would probably be my go-to recommendation for the UK – it advertises a long list of relevant jobs and has the option of searching by a comprehensive list of categories.

Conservation Jobs: This site lists advertised jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Indeed also advertises a good range of positions in this field.


Conservation Job Board: Predominantly focused on jobs in the USA but can filter for other continents as well.

Earthworks Jobs: Post jobs in a wide range of environmental-related fields – predominantly linked with universities and industry business.

Environmental Career Centre: Focused in the USA but have a global reach of jobs advertised. Also provide career tips.

Nature Careers: A science-focused global job board with jobs listed under environmental and earth science

Conservation Careers: Although they seem to mostly post mainly low- or unpaid internships and volunteer-ships (many of which you have to pay for). Occasionally they post paid positions so it can be one to keep an eye on.


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