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why #itsawildlife is THE wildlife conservation blog for YOU

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Whilst researching an upcoming blog post, it suddenly struck me how limited advice is for aspiring ecologists. Most articles I read felt largely irrelevant, ingenuine and some of them even seemed to discourage young people from pursuing their dream job in conservation!

I wanted to write this post to give you 3 reasons why #itsawildlife is THE conservation blog for YOU.

  1. I come from a genuine and personal place – I know what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed at the prospect of finding my dream job with absolutely no idea where to start looking for it.
  2. The tips and tricks I write about are tried and tested ways that I used (or I wish I used) to receive my dream job and attract an abundance of opportunities, as you’ll discover as you read through the #itsawildlife blog posts
  3. I’m the real deal. I’ll never give advice like “1. You won’t get rich, so you’d better love it…” or waste an hour of your time with an hour’s worth of search engine optimized nothing on writing your CV without providing an ounce of practical advice or useful tips.

Blog posts on #itsawildlife are short, sweet and juicy because I value your time and I want the best for you. Why not? The world needs more passionate and dedicated people like YOU who have the time to dedicate to making the natural world healthier and happier. I’m down for that – I’m cheering for you and I’m gonna do my best to help you get there.

Another real point of difference between this blog and other webpages offering information on how to work in wildlife conservation. We talk about real shit at #itsawildlife – and we keep it upbeat. In my experience, that’s hard to find. I’m gonna write about stories that make your heart melt, and stories that make you wanna paint a placard and burn your bra in the name of wildlife.

I hope that as you read on through the blog posts that follow you will receive helpful advice that inspires you towards your job in wildlife conservation. I put my name behind it.

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why #itsawildlife is THE conservation blog for you | #itsawildlife

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