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We are blogging for the RSPB

As some of you may know, we are based in Cumbria (the Lake District) of northern England working with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) at Haweswater.

“Wild Haweswater” is a partnership project between RSPB and United Utilities who manage the nearby Haweswater reservoir and surrounding areas for water quality (as this is the water supply for Manchester). The beautiful property is 30 square kilometers in size and showcases how hillside farming and habitat restoration can be achieved side by side for the benefit of people, water, nature and agriculture.

Writing for the RSPB at Haweswater | #itsawildlife

Haweswater was initially a focus for the RSPB because of the majestic but scarce Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos). Golden Eagles were once widespread across Europe but have experienced significant population decline and range contraction, largely due to persecution from sheep farmers and game shooters. Golden Eagles were exterminated from England and Wales by 1850 and Ireland by 1912 but a small remnant population held on in south-west Scotland. From this group, a single pair recolonized Haweswater where they lived for many years until 2015 when the last bird of the pair (and the last known in England), the male, disappeared.

The habitat restoration and anticipated re-introductions are all part of the long-term strategy to attract these beautiful creatures back to the region and re-establish their population in Engand.

An incredible long-term project which we feel grateful to be a part of.

Excitingly, we have been asked to write for the Haweswater weekly blog and will post links to these posts here. So, watch this space…


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